Numbers aren’t everything when it comes to social media follower growth

Ellen Cole, founder of Little Seed Group – – explains why follower numbers aren’t everything when it comes to social media marketing.

Having a big following on social media can lead to consumers assuming that the brand in question is popular, well-regarded and takes enormous pride in offering excellent service. However, creating ethical social media marketing success doesn’t mean you need a big following – the key to success is choosing quality over vanity campaigns.

Think of it like this, imagine you have 1000 followers on your Facebook page and only 200 of them are genuinely interested in your brand and services, this means that the 80% who are not engaging will have a significant impact on your engagement, meaning your page may be seen by fewer ideal customers/clients.

Now, if it was the other way round and that you had an invested fan club compared to an “uninterested following”, you’re brand is likelier to gain better engagement levels, higher visibility rates and, more importantly, improve online conversion rates.

Understandably, brands may feel pressured into joining “like for like” groups, performing “like”, “tag” and “share” giveaways and inviting everyone to the page so that you can keep up with competitors – it’s human nature, however using ethical social media practices, being creative and being committed to your channels will ultimately lead to long-term success. A quality following can lead to lower outgoings, better business sustainability and give you extra time and energy to focus on growing your business, instead of having the time-consuming task of resolving future problems with your social media channels which could have easily been avoided.

Growing your business numbers on social media using ethical and organic approaches is difficult, it will take time and you must experiment regularly to ensure that you are continuing to develop your brand in a way which engages and resonates with your social media followers. Implementing a bespoke digital marketing strategy into your channels is one of the best ways in which you can keep on track and continue to offer your customers the best experience possible whatever channel they are using to find out more about your business.

If you have business champions on your social media channels then maintain and develop those relationships, if you stop devoting time to them, then they will do the same to you. Keep them interested in your work and sustain those amazing relationships as these types of people are going to be your biggest fans and are likelier to recommend your services to others. In addition to this, the content you create needs to be enticing, have relevance and encourage the reader to engage and interact with your business time and time again. Genuine engagement is key, engagement is what allows us to discover what type of content people want, and do not want, to see.

Engagement ultimately is what defines your brand and gives you the information you need to nurture your business in an overcrowded marketplace.