How to find the right integrated brand partnership online

By Jonathan Kowalski, Brand Partnerships Director at TheSoul Publishing Creativity brings to mind mental pictures of abstract art, flashy ad campaigns, and “blue-sky thinking”, in trendy design studios. However as anyone who works in branding, marketing, and content will know,

Thinking outside the tick box: creativity within corporate compliance

By Alistair Robertson – Creative and Strategy @ Nucco Brain (strategic content agency operating at the intersection of storytelling and technology / clients include Deloitte, the European Space Agency, Google, HSBC, JP Morgan, BBC, John Lewis Partnership and Water Aid).

Designing inclusive brands

By Toby Jervis, Creative Director and co-founder of evensix™, a full-service creative agency A few years ago, I was reading through a case study about the latest ‘Uber’ re-brand. I was drawn in by the beautiful typography and well-crafted brand

Financial Management Degree Program

Financial management is simply a term for things about the study, management, and distribution of money in various ways. It usually deals with the question of why an organization, business or even a government decides to purchase the money necessary

How You Can Make Money From Home

There is no secret to making money online, the only secret is your persistence. Hidden away between the tips on starting a wine club, taking up a photography club or joining the wine revolution, there are smart tips that anyone

The Importance of Asset Valuation

In business, an asset is an intangible asset owned by an entity or a company. It is any asset that is owned or controlled by an entity and which can create positive cash flow for an entity and make a

YBOL series: making a statement with design and branding

By Andrew Johnson, Creative Director at Hyped Marketing. We know you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, but when it comes to branding, we 100% do! (And so does everybody else.) It’s easy to think that design is no

7 reasons local ads are vital to boosting brands globally

How targeted local ads can bring your brand to the top of ‘Near Me’ searches and reach more customers By Paul O’Donoghue, VP solution engineering, Uberall Throughout the pandemic, consumers have been looking for information on stores and businesses ‘near

How to create an effective logo design

By Gary Knight, WOLF CEO, explains how a logo has the power to attract new audiences and retain existing consumers A logo is so much more than just a pretty visual. It’s your brand value. It represents the feeling that