5 Ways Brands Can Reinvent Their Digital Marketing Strategy

By Bernie Wong Founder of Social Stand Limited

Digital marketing is the most effective way to reach as many audiences as possible to promote your brand. It is important to constantly adapt to its ever-changing face in order to create effective and efficient digital marketing strategies.

  1. Tell Brand Story

Every brand has a story – who they are, where they come from, what they aim to do. Looping audiences into their story or making them part of the story is what sets a brand apart from others. Digital marketing is all about telling a good story – through content, engagement, and communication with audiences from all walks of life.

  1. Adhere to Target Audience’s Tastes

Each brand offers a service or product that is aimed at a particular target audience. Each target audience has their own sensitivities, and they respond differently to different types of content. Looking for the content that works best with the brand’s target audience provides opportunities for better engagement. For example, the target audience is for young women – brands can look into producing content that shows the benefits of their product or service for young women.

  1. Invest in SEO

When consumers search for the best brand to cater to their needs, they tend to select the platforms that they appear first when using search engines. This is because people tend to connect a high ranking on a search engine to credibility. Search Engine Optimization helps brands’ platforms rank higher when searched for, which is why it is important to invest in methods to increase rank. The type of content and keywords that a brand puts out are able to positively influence SEO rankings.

  1. Use Social Media and Content Marketing

Billions of people are present on social media platforms. That is why social media platforms are a great way to promote brands and businesses. Brands can create pieces of content which they can post strategically across all their social channels in order to gain more reach and engagement. Recent studies show that videos are the most effective forms of content nowadays as consumers are more likely to close a purchase after having watched a video about it.

  1. Research on Competitors

Brands should take a look at how their competitors are doing. This isn’t to copy or duplicate their competitors’ strategies but to see how well their brand is doing as opposed to their competitors’ brands. Brands can gain insight by doing this and also learn what areas to improve upon in their digital marketing strategies.