Twitter Marketing Tips: What Your Business Needs to Know

Not sure how to start? It’s easy. Just follow these simple steps: Make yourself known. As soon as you create an account on Twitter all you have to do is add friends and begin following and sharing information about the stuff you’re passionate about. Let’s look at 25 of Twitter’s best tools to help you improve and automate your social marketing efforts on Twitter.

Once you have chosen which platform you’d like to use for your social media campaign, be sure to invest in tools to manage your account and handle your account and fans better. Twitter has great tools for trending topics, scheduling, and even for publishing articles. The best ones also let you keep track of keywords and popular searches. This all works best when you also work on your micro-blogging skills so it helps if you have some micro-blogging skills as well.

Use the proper keywords and don’t be afraid of SEO tricks and jargon. Twitter already does this for you and offers keyword research and competition analysis for your keywords. Make sure you engage your users in your tweets. Keep in mind that people tend to click on links when they see others doing what you are doing. So include links to things your followers may be interested in or would like to know more about to help increase your odds of getting clicks and engagement from Twitter users.

Posting throughout the day on your Twitter account will increase engagement with your potential fans. Be sure to post up to 15 tweets per peak hour to help keep them engaged. Try not to overdo it, but be strategic about when you post so you don’t overdo it and make people wonder when you’ll switch up.

Your actual tweets are the most important part of your strategy. If you want to be taken seriously by other Twitter influencers then you need to show respect to your followers and the brands that you follow. Show them that you value their opinions and that you listen to their concerns and suggestions. You can do this by creating tweets that truly represent your brand, taking advantage of trending topics to create engaging conversations with your followers and engaging with the influencers that you have chosen to follow.

Make sure your Twitter profile has all of the proper bio information filled out and a link to your website or blog. The more information you provide your followers about yourself, your business and/or your brand, the easier it will be for people to get to your site and read your brand message. Twitter is an incredibly effective way to market, but you have to work smart not hard.

Utilize Twitter scheduling tools to manage your Twitter posts and get the most out of them. The right scheduling tools will allow you to schedule your tweets, schedule when they will appear and determine the best times to post them. In addition to these tools, you can also set your Twitter profile to only post targeted keywords to better gauge the success of your campaign. Twitter is primarily a brand builder and it doesn’t make sense to waste your time by posting random words to promote your business. The right tools and strategies will help you achieve greater engagement and convert your followers into customers.

In addition to scheduling tools, another great tool for Twitter marketing is using retweets. The act of re-tweeting someone’s post can be a powerful tool to boost your presence and increase engagement. When you send out a tweet that is worth re-tweeting, other followers are apt to pick it up and take notice. This type of social sharing allows you to spread your information quickly and reach new customers at the same time. So make sure that you are asking users about the current issues in your industry and ask them to “RT” your tweets for future opportunities.