Targeted Advertising

Targeted marketing is a type of internet marketing, in which the marketer is trying to target a specific audience with certain characteristics, depending on what he/she is selling. It may be done via search engine optimization (SEO) or pay per click (PPC), but in general, targeting your niche and then building your advertising campaigns around that target market ensures that your products or services will appeal to as many people as possible, and you get the maximum return on investment.

Let’s take a look at how targeted advertising can benefit your business. As a small business owner, you have one main target market, and you need to make sure that your ad copy is appealing and useful to this audience.

For example, if you are running a restaurant, you should write your ad copy around the needs of your customer: do you want people who are students to visit your restaurant, or are you more interested in working mothers? What would you like your menu to look like? Do you want your guests to be able to order quickly?

As a small business owner, you should always keep your customers in mind when creating your ads – they are your best and most profitable leads and the most likely to buy from you. You don’t want to run an ad that appeals to only a certain demographic; the results may be negative.

The next step would be to choose the format of your ads. If you are selling a coffee machine, you can try placing your ad in magazines, on TV, etc., but you may be better off just posting it on your restaurant website.

Next, you need to choose your target market. This can be done by contacting them and asking them what they need in a restaurant, so that you can tailor your ads to the needs of your target audience. This information can also help you create ads that specifically target this group.

Once your ad copy has been designed and ready, you can then begin creating relevant ads for your target market. One of the most popular forms of paid advertising these days is email marketing. It’s the cheapest way and can reach a wide audience – you may want to create an email campaign around the Christmas season or Valentine’s Day. Or perhaps a special offer or discount on your website during the summer, as part of a promotion.

Email campaigns work best if you have a regular flow of targeted traffic to your website, as well as regular follow up. You can send targeted emails to your list of subscribers and they will be able to view and respond to your messages – this means you will build a relationship with them, which will ensure repeat sales, and therefore more profits for you.

Another good place to advertise is through pay-per-click. Google is very good at allowing you to track the effectiveness of your adverts. This will allow you to know where to focus your budget and where to avoid, if you want to increase your sales.

Search engine optimization (SEO) will also help you improve your rankings with the search engines. The search engine will use these changes to index your website and make it appear higher in the search results for the keywords you’re targeting.

Article writing is another great way to get in front of the right audience. Many small businesses often hire freelance writers to write articles to include in their ads, which are then published on different websites, and can be useful for both you and the readers.

Advertising, and targeted advertising in particular, are the most cost-effective method for getting in front of the right audience for your products and services. The more targeted your advertisement is, the greater the chance of success.