Why brands need to build better communities

By Michelle Goodall, Head of Marketing at Guild. She has 23+ years experience in community and social media strategy People are more connected than ever. Switching between devices, while flitting between checking emails, social media, and messaging apps has resulted

The key to successful brand effectiveness post-Covid

By Kevin O’Farrell, associate vice-president, Analytic Partners The Covid-19 pandemic has sent the biggest shock through the business and banking world in a generation. Tumultuous as the 2008 crash was, this health crisis has affected the entire world of commerce

The importance of brand logo

By Oliver Calvert, Head of Brand and Marketing at Romero Insurance Brokers When we talk about ‘brand’, we often jump straight to taglines, quirky catchphrases and of course the logo. People associate ‘brand’ with business name and logo mainly because

Why content must be a core element of any brand’s business strategy

By Alan Porter, Director of Product Marketing at Nuxeo For many consumers, content is right at the heart of the brand experience. Relevant, meaningful and impactful content can go a long to fostering loyalty, encouraging word of mouth recommendations and

Five approaches to digital marketing in the new normal

By Ricardas Montvila, Senior Director, Global Strategy, Mapp The Coronavirus pandemic has triggered unprecedented changes to life in general and marketing in particular. But marketers need to be preparing for what happens next. I expect there will be a significant realigning of digital

8 Tips When Making Your Logo

By Tom Bourlet, The stag company. Creating a great logo is an integral part of building your brand, making a design that people will quickly remember and associate instantly with your business the moment they spot it. The style you

Brand identity – more than just a logo

By Erica Wolfe-Murray. ‘leading innovation and business expert’, she is the author of ‘Simple Tips, Smart Ideas: Build a Bigger, Better Business’, finalist in the Business Book Awards 2020. My name is Erica Wolfe-Murray. When people who know me hear

Why you NEED a plan to help your business grow

By Paul Sleath, CEO at PEO Worldwide  What’s the key to successful business growth? Planning. The future is always unpredictable, but if you’re considering global expansion, having a solid plan in place will ensure the process runs more smoothly. Business growth

5 Tips for Using PR to Grow your Brand Awareness

When it comes to communicating the credibility of your brand, PR can be one of the best marketing channels to use. A simple comment or social media post about your brand, can add a layer of trust and credibility, which