Facebook Ad Manager – How to Create Better Ads Through This Tool

In this part of our Facebook Training: Intermediate Tips for Generating Traffic, we are going to cover the first part of the Facebook Ads Manager application. This application enables you to manage your ad campaign. This part of the application is very easy to use, even for a novice. To use Facebook Ads Manager, first you’ll have to open a Facebook Ads account (to learn more on how to setup that up, see this article). Once you have an account, accessing the Facebook Ads Manager is just as easy as clicking the little downward arrow at the top right-hand corner of your Facebook page, and then clicking on Get Started.

The next step in the process is to enter in your product and creative text, title, website URL and what kind of audience you’re targeting (i.e. male, female, age etc.). You will also need to choose between a few different design formats (such as image, JPEG or PDF), and create button click options such as, “Create Facebook Ads”,” queues”, “add ads”, and “edit ad set”. If you aren’t sure what these terms mean, you can always go to the Help section (accessible by clicking the big, green “Help” button on the lower right-hand corner of your Facebook page). After you have done so, you will have completed setting up your ad set!

Now let’s move onto another important section of the Facebook Ad Manager application: The Campaigns tab. This area displays a list of your current campaigns. To set it up your way, click on any one of the links for the appropriate campaign. Once you’ve chosen which campaign you’d like to work with, you will be shown a list of the various advertising tools available to you within the campaign, and a brief overview of the capabilities of each of them.

Among the most commonly used tools in the Facebook ads manager are the Manage Clicks and PPC buttons. These buttons allow you to manage your ad budget per click, ad group, keyword, CPC, cost per impression or CPM. Some of the more advanced tools include things like impressions per day, daily bid limit, minimum ctr, maximum daily bid limit, click through rate, cost per thousand impressions, ad quality rating and many others. If you find that something is missing from this manager, don’t be afraid to take some time to look for what it needs. Some great apps out there will provide you with what you want without any of the extras that often come with paid membership accounts.

One more feature in the Facebook ads manager that I find useful is the ability to preview what your ad will look like when it is actually displayed on a potential buyer’s browser. If you were able to create an ad with your artworks and images, why not let people actually see it first? This preview function allows you to experiment with different ads and create some of your most desired designs. The most common reason that ads are not as effective as they could be is that buyers do not immediately notice them. They may remember seeing your ad in their newsfeed however, once they log in to their account they are already half way through your profile.

The other key thing to note about the Facebook ads manager is that it allows you to easily create ad sets that you can use to maximize your conversions. Once you’ve created ad sets for several campaigns, you will quickly notice that some of your conversions are quite far apart. It is because of this that you should try to create ad sets that are spread across the board. Some of the more advanced features of this manager allow you to create campaign combinations that will help you boost your conversion rates.

With this manager you have the ability to easily set your bidding strategy. By doing so you are able to ensure that you only spend money on ads that will actually bring you success. The manager makes it easy to create different campaign strategies that will suit your current needs and generate the best results. And when you have the ability to set a lifetime budget you will know that you are truly spending your money wisely since you will always be guaranteed that you will not exceed this budget.

The Power Editor is what sets the Facebook Ad Manager apart from all the other social media sites out there. With this powerful feature, users can edit the design, copy and colors of the ads they create without having to rely on the original templates that the system has provided for them. The power editor makes it easy to create an infinite number of ads that will guarantee that you generate more conversions. In fact, with this powerful feature you are guaranteed to receive more conversions than you currently do.