5 Ways Brands Can Reinvent Their Digital Marketing Strategy

By Bernie Wong Founder of Social Stand Limited Digital marketing is the most effective way to reach as many audiences as possible to promote your brand. It is important to constantly adapt to its ever-changing face in order to create

Five steps to using smartphone footage for marketing

By Christopher Bo Shields, Chief Creative Officer and Co-founder, Binumi Pro Not long ago, most marketers wouldn’t have dreamt of shooting a professional video using just a mobile phone, because the camera footage meant blurry visuals and muffled sound. But

Why brands need to build better communities

By Michelle Goodall, Head of Marketing at Guild. She has 23+ years experience in community and social media strategy People are more connected than ever. Switching between devices, while flitting between checking emails, social media, and messaging apps has resulted

The key to successful brand effectiveness post-Covid

By Kevin O’Farrell, associate vice-president, Analytic Partners The Covid-19 pandemic has sent the biggest shock through the business and banking world in a generation. Tumultuous as the 2008 crash was, this health crisis has affected the entire world of commerce

Is it time for a Brand Refresh?

  Running any business can be all-consuming so it can be hard to put time aside to consider whether your brand could benefit from a refresh. The reality is that all too often business owners invest in branding when they

Why Consumer Generated content is the key to successful email marketing

Why Consumer Generated content is the key to successful email marketing

By Toby Britton, co-founder of Miappi.  What is email marketing? CRM or customer relationship management relies heavily on email marketing. After all, every transaction we make online involves us providing our email address, so for nearly all businesses this is the most

Why is hyper-personalisation important?

Why is hyper-personalisation important?

By Bhavesh Vaghela, Senior Product Owner at Callsign “Trust will lead to data, data will lead to knowledge, knowledge will lead to wisdom, wisdom will lead to hyper-personalised experiences, hyper-personalised experiences will lead to loyalty, and loyalty equates to survival.” These would