What Is A Podcast

A podcast, also referred to as a podcast feed, is an episodic collection of voice-over audio files that can be listened to from your computer for free, in addition to streaming software and streaming services for convenience. In this day

How to Market Yourself

When looking for the best online job opportunities, many people are looking at marketing themselves. The internet has made it so simple and fast to sell yourself to the masses that you can do it in minutes instead of hours

How to Market a Product

If you have been in business for any length of time, chances are you have already heard the question asked how to sell a product. While there are literally thousands of books you could read on selling and sales, here

Why brands need to build better communities

By Michelle Goodall, Head of Marketing at Guild. She has 23+ years experience in community and social media strategy People are more connected than ever. Switching between devices, while flitting between checking emails, social media, and messaging apps has resulted