Looking beyond CX to EX – enhancing employee experience management

By Michael C. Reiserer is MD of EASY Software Germany. Companies are increasingly looking beyond customer experience (CX)  to focus on employee and stakeholder experience (EX). New research has found a growing focus on EX, as companies prioritise retaining talent

Why content must be a core element of any brand’s business strategy

By Alan Porter, Director of Product Marketing at Nuxeo For many consumers, content is right at the heart of the brand experience. Relevant, meaningful and impactful content can go a long to fostering loyalty, encouraging word of mouth recommendations and

Arun Mani

5 ways AI could be failing your customer experience

By Arun Mani, President, Freshworks Europe  From WhatsApp to email, Tik-tok to Instagram, live chat to instant messaging – the digital era has brought with is an explosion of communications platforms. There are now many ways with an engage with both each