By Gee Guntrip, Studio Manager at Hyped Marketing. Email has been around since 1971, but despite being one of the more traditional forms of communication, it’s far from outdated. There are over 5.6 billion active email accounts right now. This

5 Retail Megatrends Poised for Relevancy in 2021

By Nikki Baird, Vice President, Retail Innovation, Aptos While the full impact of the global pandemic on retailing remains to be seen, mostly everyone can agree that disruption and trend acceleration were common themes throughout 2020. As we enter 2021,

What is Ethical Growth Marketing?

  By Chris ,Co-Founder & CEO of Growth Animals and a Trustee for Dementia Support. Tenacious about business growth and passionate about ethical marketing, his consultancy helps businesses to sell more through Ethical Growth Marketing, a movement he feels is important and

Email Marketing: 5 Ways to Connect with Customers in 2021

By Louise Laurie,marketing manager.Cartridge people 2020 has been a strange and difficult year for everyone – your consumers are no different. It’s important to asses your email strategy in light of the current pandemic and tweak your tactics if you

How can the high street maintain customer relationships during restrictions?

Christopher Colley, Customer Experience Principal, EMEA, Medallia This year has seen unprecedented retail disruption. Where 85 percent of high street brands’ revenue used to come from in-store purchases, digital has now become central to consumer activity. Thriving retailers previously invested in methods

Adnami Announces Key UK Hire As Expansion Continues Globally 

Steph Miller to lead launch of UK office Following significant growth, high impact creative tech provider Adnami has announced the appointment of Steph Miller as Commercial Director in the UK. Miller, who has held leadership and commercial roles at Zoopla,

About to launch an app? Here are five things to do first

By Sarah Woodhouse, Director, AMBITIOUS PR  When it comes to getting your app from the store onto the smart devices of potentially millions of people, where do you even start? Strong PR and communications is the springboard to getting in