Seven Tips For Influencer Acquisition and Retention

By Sanchit Sareen, Manager, Influencer Customer Success team, Impact EMEA Building and managing influencer relationships doesn’t need to be a speculative, haphazard or time-consuming process. Set up and maintained according to the right principles, influencer marketing can be harmonious and

7 Tips for website success

By Harvey Morton, Digital Expert and Founder of HarveyMorton.Digital . Also founder of The Social Sanctuary Podcast –   Before planning and designing your website, it’s essential to understand what you want to do with it. Firstly, your website should

Brand, marketing and advertising campaigns should always mean business 

By Stephen Izatt, Managing Director of strategic branding and campaign agency Thinkfarm When we talk about brand, marketing and advertising campaigns, we’re not talking about colours, logos, audio and visuals. Not at first. We’re talking about taking an imaginative and

What can music and sound do for your brand?

By Max De Lucia, co-founder and client director at specialist sonic branding agency DLMDD  The rise of voice-led technology, the connected home and the reality that consumers are turning adverts off; these have all played their part in accelerating the

AI has become a brand manager’s ultimate super-power

By Nadim Sadek, Founder and CEO of ProQuo AI.  What’s the point in having a brand? The answer is simple: brands exist to extract a premium return on an investment. If you make a spoon, it will have a utility

The Best Place to Shop For Clothing at Low Prices

There are lots of clothing brands that come from all over the world, and they are all designed in a number of different styles and designs. The most common of these is a brand named Hanes. The name of the

Finding Brands of the World

Brands of the World can be compared with brand name brands that you can find in stores or in your office. You might have seen them in advertisements and on magazine covers. Brand names of the World provide you with